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Work From Home and Be Awesome

Do you have a dream? I hope you do! And I am here to tell you that you deserve your dream. Do you want to set my own hours, spend my time with your family and educate people on how to live healthy lives? Do you want to do that while making an excellent money? You can do all of that too.

I know! I know! I know! It sounds like I'm babbling about something too good to be true, but I can tell you that you can do it because I'm living it and I have many friends who are doing the same thing. And I like you so I am going to tell you the recipe for success because it's so stinkin' simple.

Life Success (and Happiness) comes from this recipe:

success formula for #workfromhome

It sounds easy, but hard at the same time, right? LOL. Let me explain by sharing my story!

A few years ago I was working full time and I was miserable. I loved aspects of my job, but I was feeling burnt out by the increase in demands, stagnant pay and the lack of respect. However, I was full of excuses as to why I should stay although I was unhappy: the income was good, I paid a lot of student loans for this job, I was living a comfortable life, I was helping people, etc. I let FEAR keep me where I was by making it rational.

Fast forward a few years and a friend of mine told me about this company and how it would fit right into all of my goals of being chemical free. I can honestly tell you that was the BEST decision I ever made and I am honestly disappointed that it took me that long. I loved them so much that I decided to also make this a business.

Work from home earning potential #workfromhome

IT'S AMAZING how my life has changed in less than 2 years! I have replaced my salary, cut my hours, traveled Europe, paid of debt, and I'm following my dream. I got here using the formula for success! My goal by the end of my 3rd year will to be to buy a homestead for my family without having to get a mortgage.

I honestly believe that anyone can do what I did (and more) if they follow this formula. You can listen more to my story by checking out my audio call below.

So what's your dream? Do you want extra money? Or maybe you want to work from home? Retire your husband? Pay off debt? Buy a home? I would LOVE to hear your dream-- please leave a comment below!

Most people fail at their dream because they live in a world of excuses. We let our fear of claiming our dream or fear of rejection leave us at dead in jobs, in debt, or working until we are 80 years old. If we can learn to toss our excuses out the window and work towards what we want, then we can have it. After all, 90% of success is just being brave enough to show up.

If you are looking for an opportunity to change your life and you feel that you are hardworking, dependable and a team player, then you can do it! You may have heard that Young Living is one of the fastest growing companies and they are spouting up new markets all over the world. They are always looking for more honest and dependable people to help change the world and help people live a life by design (and with less chemicals).

WANNA JOIN ME? You can email me or fill out this form to get more information but be sure to join my team as a wholesale member so I can give you all the tools to help you succeed including access to my mentorship program, Facebook business support group and my leadership blog. Oh! And my telephone number.

Young Living Income Potential and Salaries

If you are with different networking companies, they should also have a similar graphic. Check Young Living's full income disclosure statement here

Tools For Success
You can use the same formula for success even if you are with a different company or a different YL team. You just have to not give up, be coachable and do not let your fear get in your way. Just follow your dream, but these tips can help give you a more direct path.

Work from home and be awesome with these 10 easy tips #workfromhome
  1. Find a mentor. If you know someone who has what you want, then do what they have done.
  2. No Excuses. I hear a lot of people complaining about a lot of things or refusing to take responsibility for not reaching their dreams. This is not the mindset of a successful person. Look for solutions, not problems! Read Punch Fear in the Face to help get over those excuses!
  3. You are NOT an expert. You are a Network Marketer and your job is to connect people to resources and education. You aren't a walking encyclopedia or a human Google. Set some boundaries!! 
  4. Do Not Be Everything to Everyone. You can't market all of your products to all people in the world. Doesn't that sound exhausting? I'm just tired from reading it! Market what you love to the people you connect with. It's that easy! 
  5. Invest In Yourself. I am a big believer in self improvement. I really love the message provided in this 30 Day Bootcamp because not only do you find out who to challenge yourself, but you will learn about time management, business priorities, working from home, getting rid of excuses, how to talk to people and so much more. It's kind of a one stop shop. 
  6. Educate yourself. If you are like me, then you have never run a business before so to stop yourself from wasting time or acting like a total spaz-- have a plan. Reading books like Go Pro, Your First Year in Network Marketing,  Rock Your Network Marketing Business , First Steps to Wealth or Building an Empire can help you have more focus. Or try Time Secrets or War on Debt if you like audio or visual learning. 
  7. Conferences. Join me in Orlando in November at Mastermind or in January for the First Steps to Success Workshop. This information can change your business and your life forever! Email me if you're coming so we can meet at the event!!! 
  8. Go to ANY local events sponsored by your company and attend convention. This is not negotiable. If it can be driven to, you should be there! If your company has convention-- that is the place to be! You will learn insider tips, see new products, and meet a lot of really successful people who you can learn from. This is a must! 
  9. Learn How to Communicate Effectively. Communication isn't hard, but our words are powerful! We can't go around word vomiting over everyone we meet. Nobody likes vomit. Use tools like the Prospecting and Closing Scripts, Scripts Book Bundle or read books like How to Win Friends and Influence People or Ice Breakers! How To Get Any Prospect To Beg You For A Presentation
  10. Build a Strong Testimony. Get a great business testimony. Did you get your products paid for? Are you able to become debt free? Tell people! Get product testimonies by using your products everyday! This isn't rocket science, but a lot of people don't do this. How do you expect anyone to join your team if you don't believe in what you're selling enough to use them daily? By using them every day (and in public) you are creating stories to share and building trust with your clients. Click the picture below to hear my business testimony!

Seriously ANYONE can do this! Do any of those things sound particularly impossible? NO! So it is up to you if you want to seize the moment to follow your dream or if you are happy right where you are.

What's your favorite educational book to learn about the business? Do you have any tips I missed?

Sherri Griffin
Sherri Griffin

Thanks for checking out my blog. I get serious about a few things in life: animals, chemicals, and food. For the rest I can't promise anything so keep the bar low. For more about me check out my "About Me" page! Happy DIYing!


  1. id love to get my credit from poor to excellent...id love to buy a house for me & my son and be out of debt... id love to have my aesthetician business... but at the rate im going idk if its possible...i go from paycheck to paycheck....

    1. I love your dreams and I am sure they ARE possible! You gotta believe in yourself and take a few steps forward in the direction of that amazing dream! You CAN do it. I believe in you!

  2. I have a dream of living on a homestead next to yours!

    Other dreams: Be able to financially support my family single-handedly like a BOSS; travel; work from home in my sweatpants.

    1. That's my dream too! I want to travel with you as well and eat lots of food without gaining weight. That's possible, right?

    2. We will clearly need a personal trainer as well..

  3. I found a GREAT mentor who has helped me tremendously on my Young Living Essential Oil journey. Without her, I don't think I would be anywhere near where I am right now! She's smart and sassy and full of fun.

    She may or may not be you.

    Love, hugs and stuff! ;)

    1. You are almost to Silver, my friend!! I cannot wait to celebrate with you with some great authentic German beer!

  4. Hi Sherri! My dream is also to homestead, and I just bought the property to do just that, but now I'm worried about income being so far off the map!
    Scary, but I'm ready to put my big girl undies on 😊

    1. I am SO excited for you!!! Girl, you can make any dream come true with those big girl undies. LOL You got this!

  5. I too would love to work from home! when and where I want. I also would like to pay off my student loans in the meantime :) I am also hoping that maybe I can get a part time work from home type of opportunity with my degree (HR management) someday!
    You are really inspiring. Thanks for this post! :)

    1. Brittany, you can do it! There are so many great opportunities out there that you can work with and use your degree. The sky is the limit!!! Good luck!



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