Tuesday, February 19, 2013

REVIEW: DIY Almond Milk

Okay, so I've been trying the DIY almond milk I posted about a couple of weeks ago and I know it's natural but it keeps separating in the fridge and quite frankly it is grossing me out. It doesn't look like something you actually want to drink. It reminds me of that crap you have to drink before you get a colonoscopy or an upper GI. Nasty, pasty, chalky crap. Thankfully, it doesn't taste like it! It really tasted like the almond milk from the store.

1) It is definitely a thin type of milk. The consistency is just a little above water.

2) The flavor does taste like the unsweetened almond milk even with the extra sugar I put in. It makes me worry about how much sugar is actually in the store bought almond milk! Eck!

3) The separation is what really got to me. If you make it, I think you should put it in some container that you can't see through if you're a visual person.

If you've tried making your almond milk-- did you get any different results?

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