Monday, February 22, 2016

DIY Trash Can Deodorizer

If you are some kind of domestic goddess who scrubs your trash can clean weekly, then I applaud you. However, if you are like the rest of us-- your trash can will stink from time to time. I mean, hello-- trash can bags leak, some things are just stinky, and sometimes you forget to take out the trash.

Nobody's perfect (except maybe you, domestic goddess) but most of us want to have a nice smelling kitchen without all the work. That's why this crazy, simple DIY hack will make you appear like the domestic queen that you are. No one will ever know it's just a DIY hack!

Easy DIY Trash Can Deodorizers will keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clean

Monday, February 15, 2016

How To Use The Feelings Kit

So let's get this out in the open right now. Do you think essential oil can help with your emotions? Do you think the idea that a scent can change how you think is nuts or do you think it's so cool?! Or maybe you just don't know yet.

So let's cut to the chase-- they work. It's in research. It's a fact. It may sound crazy, but it's awesome. Don't trust me? Check out PubMed or How Emotions Are Released Using Essential Oils if you want to learn more.

I've been using essential oils to help with my emotional "issues" for years! I've used them for grief, nervousness, stress, sadness, negativity, confidence, anger, and pretty much any other emotion you can think about! What's crazy is that they also help with the physical manifestation of negative emotions!

You probably already know that emotions and the body are connected. After all, have you ever been so sad that your body hurt? Or maybe you have been so nervous that your stomach was upset? Emotions are so powerful that they can impact how we physically feel! Many times when we have no answer as to why our body is behaving a certain way-- it may be due to emotional blockages or negativity stuffed away. Once we release those patterns we can help regain control over our lives!

How To Use The Feelings Kit

If you still think I'm crazy then just listen to Gary Young talk about what the feelings kit can do for your mind and body by clicking here.

Monday, February 8, 2016

4 Ways to Clear Negativity Naturally

You are awesome. The fact that you are here reading about how to release negativity means you are taking actions to create a more authentic, happier version of YOU. How cool is that?! If I could give you a hug or a high five, I would!

Negativity is like dust-- it can just keep collecting and piling up. Eventually our piles of dust can be so thick that it's hard to see or even remember what's underneath them. But as soon as we start brushing that dust away, then we start to see the glimmer of the awesomeness that is there. It may be a negative space or a negative part of ourselves, but with a little TLC we can make it radiate with all the things that make it (or us) so amazing.

Let me share with you four very simple way that you can start taking that step forward out of negativity, but first let's have a little chat....

4 ways to reduce negativity naturally #essentialoils

Monday, February 1, 2016

5 Reasons to Ditch Your Makeup

Have you heard about those dirty little secrets of retail makeup? Do you want to know if they are true? After all, makeup is important to many women all over the world. We use it to cover a flaw, enhance an asset, increase our confidence or just to have some fun!

However, with the increasing popularity of makeup, we have to start asking some tough questions about quality, testing, chemicals, and more! But maybe the most important question of all is... "As beauty companies strive to be number one in a booming industry-- are they really keeping your best interest in mind?"

5 reasons to ditch your #makeup #overthrowmartha


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