Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Homemade Tinted Lip Gloss Recipe

Do you ever just want to make something beautiful? And how would you feel if that something beautiful helped your gorgeous self to look even more smoochable?  I know. I know. You are stunning already and you don't need anything else for your fine self, but DIY tinted lip balm (or gloss) can be a fun way to show off those amazing lips.

And if you are afraid that it just wouldn't be fair to the other ladies in your life if you looked THAT good, then you can always make a large batch and give them out spread the love!

This recipe is fun, easy and anyone can easily customize the recipe to suit any personality and style! My favorite part is that the color is just a soft tint and the lip balm is ultra-moisturizing which I need this winter!

#DIY tinted lip balm in all the colors: #pink #red #brown

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Breathe Deeply Chest Rub for Exercise

Did you know that you could be breathing incorrectly? Most of my life I've blamed my shoes, but lately I couldn't quite find the logic in that. I mean-- does this make sense to you?

"I hate these running shoes! They are so old. I need to upgrade. In fact, I almost died because I couldn't breathe... due to my, um, shoes." 

#breathe deeply chest rub #DIY

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