Tuesday, September 29, 2015

DIY Toner for Sensitive Skin

Ah! Skin. The mystery of the world. What does it like? What makes it happy? Chocolate? I think it must be. Everything likes chocolate.

Okay, okay! Seriously. I would not mind rubbing chocolate all over my face (except I would hesitate to eat it afterwards so what a waste), but chocolate doesn't do much for my sensitive skin. In fact, anything with sugar tends to make my face go insane! WAH!

But do you know what makes my skin happy? If you said Brad Pitt-- then you are right (I get a glow when I think of him. Rawr), but I actually meant toner. My skin glows and is so happy whenever I use toner and I really love it because of how effective, inexpensive, and easy it is to make me look awesome. Win. (And I'm totally humble)

DIY toner is easy and awesome to make #DIYbeauty

Monday, September 14, 2015

Easy DIY Mattress Cleaners

Let's talk about mattresses. Can we just all agree right now--- mattresses are dirty.  Really, really dirty!!

In fact, they are so dirty (aka gross) that there are studies showing that preventable harmful contaminants were found in over 50% of mattresses that were cleaned regularly!! They estimated that typical home and hotel mattresses are much, much dirtier due to lack of regular cleanings! And that doesn't even begin to touch the air quality issue with dust mites and other air pollutants that surround a dirty mattress! And if you like to sleep as much as I do-- then that's a problem!

It is recommended that you wash your sheets weekly, but at most every 2 weeks. But what about your mattress? How often should you clean it? Well, it depends on some variables...

  • Is your mattress without a Organic Mattress Pad?
  • Are pets allowed in your bed?
  • Are their "accidents" at night?
  • Do you eat in bed? 
  • Do you go to bed without showering first?
  • Is your bed the location of sweaty hanky panky?
  • Do you use your bed for more than just night-time rest?

How dirty is your mattress?! Don't worry we have some easy, #DIY cleaners for you using #essentialoils

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Let's Do The Oola Challenge

Alright, friend. It's time to get your adult pants on because we are going to have a serious talk.

Is your life exactly how you want it? If so, GOOD FOR YOU-- you're done here. Go kick back and celebrate with a mango margarita. If you answer, "Meh", "Sort of", "Mostly", "Working on it," or a straight out "No", then let's have a chat...

Take the #oola challenge #yleo #sevenweeksoola

Friday, September 4, 2015

Essential Oil Wall Display & Storage

I am beyond excited about essential oils (duh) and I have collected quite a few of them in my years of natural living. When you start one oil at a time a single big way to store the oils seems insane (it's not) so I've been using these smaller methods: 5 Essential Oil Storage Solutions. But then I had a moment. My brain exploded when I saw my friend's visual essential oil display.


After all, I love essential oils so YES! I WANT ONE!

essential oil display and storage. #essentialoils #yleo

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Moisturizing Serum for Feet and Dry Heels

Sorry to break it to you, but your feet need some TLC.

Our feet are under appreciated for all that they do! They holds us up and supports our bodies so we can move--- which is actually pretty important! It's vital that we take care of our feet so that when we are older, we can maintain our comfort in mobility. Plus, have you seen gross old feet? Ew. Nobody wants that.

So MAINTAIN YOUR FEET! Treat them like the amazing things they are and give them a little love. They deserve it.

Moisturzing serum for feet and dry heels with #essentialoils #longlivethefeet


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