Getting Started With Essential Oils

Are you just getting started using essential oils?! AWESOME! I am so happy for you!! However, I know it can be a bit overwhelming. I've put together this quick list of resources to help you figure out how to use what you bought!

Remember, when you join Young Living (or many of the higher quality brands) you will also sign up or be assigned a sponsor. This person is your go-to person for questions and support! Don't be afraid to reach out to them!
How To....
Use Your Premium Starter Kit

Use The Dew Drop Diffuser

Be sure to clean your diffuser frequently!

How to Use The Roller Fitment

If you aren't yet with Young Living, I would be honored to help you reach your goals. You can learn more about what I offer here. Have a great day! 

Essential Rewards

What is Essential Rewards? Find out here: 

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