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Gluten Free Bakery in Orlando

Sometimes life gives you something exactly when you need it exactly when you need it. In my case it was cupcakes.
One cupcake is gluten free and the other is not
I am so incredibly excited to share this wonderful bakery find with you today! I HOPE you live in or near Central Florida or are planning to visit because you will want to stop by and see Leah from Four 0 Seven Bakery.

I normally don't plug Orlando businesses because I know that I have readers from all over the world, but I have to tell you guys about how amazing her gluten free desserts are just in case you come to visit!

I met her at the Lake Nona's Farmer's Market and I found out she will make ANYTHING ON HER MENU GLUTEN FREE. 

Yes, I will give you a second to pick your jaw up off the floor. 

Anything I want?! My eyes danced over the menu as I read about pumpkin cupcakes with maple frosting, chocolate hazelnut cupcakes filled with ganache and raspberries, apple pie cupcakes, egg nog cakes, peppermint chocolate cake, cake, cake, cake.... anything I wanted!! She not only makes cupcakes and cakes, but she makes really fancy cupcakes and cakes! She can do anything and make it gluten free. I don't know how it's possible, because I'm kind of anti-weddings, but she made me want to get married just so I can order a gluten free wedding cake from her! 

Seriously. Mind blown. 

At the time, I didn't even know her name. I just told her I loved her and that she may be my favorite person in the entire world. Our relationship was moving quickly and I knew I had to leave before I ordered a three tiered German chocolate cake with dark cherry filling. And maybe some sweet potato cupcakes too. And probably a s'more cake, but only a small one.

Probably a small one. 

After I went home I brewed over the menu and found out that her name is Leah. This made me like her more (its a pretty name!) and I decided that I should definitely order something from someone so nice with a pretty name. Sensibly, I picked up the phone and I ask for both the pumpkin cupcakes and chocolate ganche cupcakes. And then a bunch of mini cupcakes too! 

Very patiently I waited for Saturday to arrive so that I could go back to the farmer's market and pick up my decadent treats. I practically skipped to her booth, happily paid, came home and immediately put myself into a glorious sugar induced coma.

Her pumpkin cupcakes really do taste like Granny's pumpkin pie with light, fluffy maple syrup frosting.  It's perfect-- just enough maple syrup flavor to give it something special. Seriously, it is amazing.

Inside of the chocolate hazelnut cupcakes there is a thick decadent ganache filling topped with an actual raspberry. Yes, a real piece of fruit. Not only is it delicious, but it gives you permission to have two (or three) because it's healthy because it has fruit, right? Of course.!!

You may also want to inquire as to if she sells her frosting by the jar because I think I could just eat it by itself. It's the best frosting I've ever had! It's so light and airy, but yet rich without being overly sweet.

When I asked Leah why she makes everything with a gluten free option she told me, "Most people with a gluten allergy develop it late in life and miss the flavors and textures of a non gluten free cake. Desserts should taste equally as good for everyone, allergy or no allergy".  Preach it, sister! 

But since I can't eat gluten, I used The Man as a test dummy (it's what all good men are for). I gave him one gluten free mini cupcake and one mini regular mini cupcake and I asked him to tell me which he thought was gluten free. Guess what? He guess wrong!!! And if you've read my post about The Man's ability to sniff out new ingredients-- he's pretty darn good! It's a testament to Leah's skills as a bakery that he actually thought the regular cupcake was the gluten free version.

I repeated the test in my English class and guess what?! The class was split pretty much 50/50 on which cupcake was gluten free. The majority agreed that one cupcake was a bit more moist (gluten free) and the other was a bit more cakey (regular), but they couldn't decide which was which. When I asked which cupcake they preferred they were again split or undecided. Most people said they would happily eat either one!

I can honestly say that it is my opinion that Four 0 Seven has the best gluten free cupcakes in Central Florida. If you are local, I highly recommend them to you especially if you have a gluten allergy because you will remember what really, really good cake used to taste like!

Here is a picture of her menu!

If you want to know more about Leah and Four 0 Seven Bakery, then check out her website, contact her, or go to the Lake Nona's Farmer's Market! Everything has been so amazing and she will show you how gluten free is done right!

I was not paid nor asked to write this review. It is my opinion and I believe it to be correct, but I am not responsible if you get fat from Leah's desserts. 
Sherri Griffin
Sherri Griffin

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