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Introducing the NEW Premium Starter Kit from Young Living!!

I have been waiting for this moment since forever! Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic, but I have actually been dreaming about a Premium Starter Kit with these changes for about a year! I am so so so so happy to introduce it to you today!!!

Young Living's new Premium Start Kit with Copaiba, RC and DiGize

Isn't is so pretty?! Not only did the make the swaps I wanted, but they beautified it too!! {sigh} It feels EXPENSIVE, yo! So plush! Yet it's 50% off!!! Yessssss!!!

Let's talk about what they changed!

Many of the oils are still the same such as Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Frankincense, Purification, PanAway, Stress Away and Thieves. To learn more about them-- please read this post: 50+ Ways to use the Premium Starter Kit (I need to update it with the new oils), but I'll give you a little overview with my top uses!

The NEW Premium Starter Kit from Young Living is AWESOME! #YLEO

These are my #1 ways to use these essential oils!

  1. Lavender: Support healthy and glowing skin! I use it ALL the time! I add it to almost ALL of my DIY beauty products.
  2. Peppermint: Support and maintain a healthy digestive system and energy
  3. Thieves: Promote a healthy immune system
  4. Purification: Remove stinky odors 
  5. Lemon: Maintain cellular health (aka add it to water or... um... frosting)
  6. PanAway: Add it to coconut oil to create a DIY post workout salve to help sore muscles
  7. StressAway: I love this one to wear as a perfume which plays double duty to help reduce daily stress
  8. Frankincense: It promotes a sense of calm and security
There are so many ways to use these oils, but this is just my #1 use! Be sure to check out the 50 ways post, check your reference guides or look on the internet for more information on how to use these AMAZING oils.

But don't stop here-- you get MORE stuff!! 

Let's Talk About What's NEW! 

What's new in the PSK?!

AHHHH!!! This is my jam you guys!! I have been saying that no essential oil collection is complete without Copaiba! Why?! Um, it's awesome. Duh.

Seriously, words cannot even do this essential oil justice. I can talk all day about what it does, but you won't know until you use it! It's amazing! I am so super duper excited that this is coming to the Premium Starter Kit! 

It's great for just about everything- it can support the digestive, nervous, muscular and immune systems. It promotes cellular wellness and helps us to better process our emotions. It's great in beauty products, wellness products, and anything else you want to put it in! I LOVE IT! Yeah.. so it's good for everything. 

So try it. Seriously. 

This is one oil that I NEVER leave my home without?! Why? Because it supports normal, healthy digestion. If you ever have hung out with me, you will see me whip out this bad boy before eating and rub it on my belly. It's fantastic! A little stinky, but fantastic and once you use it, then you won't even care that it smells funny.

Hint: You can put the roller fitment in your kit on DiGize so you don't have to smell the fennel on your hands! 

Ohhhh... Lordy! My first experience with this one was actually at my Vet's office. She was diffusing RC and I had to know what it was because the air was just so fresh and clean. It was love at first sniff. Ever since I've been diffusing it like a mad woman.

Also, try putting it on your feet before bed. It's magic.

Young Living has heard you!! In the case that one of the above oils is out of stock, Young Living has created the Flex Oils which allows them to substitute any of these popular essential oils for the out of stock oil. This is so you do NOT have to wait for the out of stock product to come back in stock!

Remember, since these are PLANT BASED products-- they can only be harvested during certain growing periods so it is possible for things to go out of stock with Young Living. If you see an essential oil company that always has all their products available all the time, you may want to consider their purity and if they are synthetically made or adulterated.

DIFFUSERS: DewDrop Diffuser,  Rainstone Diffuser, Bamboo Diffuser or Aria Diffuser 
I love ALL of my diffusers, but what I love more is that you can pick which diffuser you want in this kit! There are so many great ones and I want them all!! I currently have the Bamboo, Home and DewDrop diffusers-- I would recommend the DewDrop because the Bamboo is much more high maintenance (it requires very frequent cleanings) and it's more expensive.

HOWEVER, I really, really want the Aria and the Rainstone, but I haven't purchased it yet-- it's next on my list. They are so pretty!!

Just add 3-6 drops of your favorite essential oil (or essential oil combination) into the diffuser with some water and you will get hours of enjoyment. This is a MUST for anyone who wants to use essential oils!

When will you use a diffuser? ALL THE TIME! I use it for dinner parties, family gatherings and on days I just feel grumpy. It really does make a huge impact on my moods and I love to start my day off with a little peppermint and lime. It's so happy and divine! I use it to purify the air and remove odors. And it can even help to encourage a restful night's sleep. 

Another addition to the Young Living Premium Starter Kit is drams. If you look at the top picture you will see little amber containers. They are for giving out samples, mixing your own blends, or to carry in your purse if you don't want to carry an entire bottle. They are GREAT! I don't know how people live without them honestly. I have about 20 in different rooms of my house with my favorite little DIYs. 

Different Labels
The labels are so much prettier, right?! But not only are they prettier-- they are functional! You can easily see the level of your essential oils in the new label. This means you can know when it's time to order more! GREAT, right?! 

Essential oil labels: How to read them #YLEO

There are instructions on how to use your essential oils on the back of the bottles! Just know that the FDA has told YL that they have to decide if an oil is going to be a supplement OR it if can be used topically. In the USA, labels cannot be both. 

I know that the labels have been reading that we can ingest AND to use topically for a LONG time, but we have to follow the law in terms of labeling. For more information on how to use your essential oils or how to read the labels, talk to your sponsor or check your resource guides. These are just the PRIMARY use to give you an idea on how to use them!

Essential Oil 101 Video Featuring the NEW Premium Starter Kit

How To Get A NEW Premium Starter Kit
This is super easy you guys! 

1) If you are an existing member, you can order one in the Virtual Office!

2) If you are retail customer, you order one by switching to a wholesale membership by purchasing this kit. Just call YL to place your order and switch your account to a wholesale membership! 

3) If you aren't currently enrolled with Young Living, then you can get a new premium starter kit by visiting my Membership Info page to learn more about essential oils and the membership (which includes a discount!). There are links there to join my team so you can get the exclusive educational bonuses!

One of the best perks about joining Young Living is that you know you are getting quality products, but you are also getting help and support from a team of people to help you find the resources you need to enjoy and use your oils. It's a lot of fun and so helpful when you're just starting! 

If you have any questions just ask your YL sponsor. If you do not have a sponsor, then you can ask me or the person who referred you to Young Living. 
Sherri Griffin
Sherri Griffin

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