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DIY Natural Toilet BOMBS!!

So I was browsing around Pinterest and found a website that talked about Toilet Bombs. Yes, bombs that go in the toilet. Whaaatttt?? That definitely got my attention.

The basic idea is that you combine a couple ingredients together and then drop it into the toilet where it cleans the toilet and the essential oils make your bathroom smell lovely.

I used the instructs from Healthy Holistic Living to make my toilet bombs! Check out their website because they made the toilet bombs look super cute with a little flower pattern! Love it!

DIY Toilet Bombs are so easy! #DIYcleaning #DIYIngredients
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Whisk
  • Spray bottle or misting bottle
  • A flexible or shallow mold (ice cube trays, small silicone molds, madeleine cookie tray)
  • Mask for mixing (recommended)
  • Glove to prevent an irritation to your hands (optional, but recommended)
It's really quite simple: You mix the backing soda and citric acid in the bowl and whisk to combine.

Put your essential oil mix into a spray or misting bottle because too much liquid too fast will cause problems (read further to find out why!)

I used 20 drops peppermint, 20 drops tea tree, 30 drops orange, and 10 drops lavender. If you want to use less essential oils or opt out of using them completely, you can use water. I added a little bit of water to mine because I didn't use all 90 drops of essential oils.

Spray the essential oil blend on the baking soda mixture slowly as you whisk. Take care to pay attention so that the mixture doesn't start to fizz.

Fizzing = less of a cleaning "explosion". Fizzing bad. 

The mix should be wet enough that if you pick it up and squeeze it, that it clumps together a bit, but some will parts will still crumble away. You'll probably think you'll need more spray, but you don't.

Place the mixture into the mold and let it sit for at least 6 hours to dry and harden.

Remove the from the molds and you can store them in a jar by the toilet. Drop one in each week to keep the bowl fresh and clean.

How Did It Do?
I tossed mine in the bowl and jumped back, waiting for the thing to blow up. It fizzles fiercely and swirls around the bowl, but there is no big explosion. So, unfortunately no, you do not need protective eye wear. It was very anti-climatic.

Here is a picture of my nasty guest room toilet and how nice and clean it looks AFTER the toilet bomb.

Before and After picture of Toilet Bomb #DIY #cleaning
Yikes! I'm embarrassed about that before picture {sad face} 

I dropped one bomb in, and as it fizzled away I splashed water around with the toilet wand. I let it sit for about 10 minutes, then I literally just ran the toilet wand over the edges and the gunk easily came off.                                                                                                

It definitely did a nice job with minimal effort and worked well with these hard water stains, but it does still require scrubbing if you get that "ring"-- you know what I mean! I've had to go at that with a pumice stone before. Yuck!

Does anyone else use toilet bombs or have any recipes that they use to clean their toilets?!

If you want to learn more about essential oils please read "How to Find Quality Essential Oils". 

Citric Acid Questions
One of the most common questions I get is "Where do I buy citric acid"? I have always found to the the cheapest.

Citric Acid (non-GMO)
Sherri Griffin
Sherri Griffin

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  1. They look so cute! I'm going to try making some when I buy all the ingredients! Thank you for sharing!

  2. hello cant you see that it is 2 different toilets geez

    1. It is NOT two different toilets. ;) That's my guest room toilet, but the lighting is just a teeny bit different with the different time of day.

  3. Do you have to use an essential oil?

  4. where do you buy citric acid?

    1. Amazon-- there is a link at the bottom of this post!

  5. Sherri, I have tried quite a few of your diy recipes, and you have done it again. The toilet bomb WORKS GREAT! I could not believe it! Thank you so much for your info, and your incredible recipes/advice. Keep it up!
    Kirsten Dreiling

  6. I made some and they worked great when they were fresh, but as soon as they were dried three hours later they no longer fizzed at all! Is it my soft/hard water? Anyone rose have this trouble? I'd love to solve this problem- u really love the fuzzies ideas!!

    1. I've not had that trouble, but I have talked to people who have added too much moisture or moisture (like from the shower) had gotten to the bombs before they were all used. If they get wet at all, that tends to take away their fizzing power.

  7. Not sure if my last post went through- so apologizes if this is a duplicate! I was scoping around the internet to see if I could buy these all natural toilet bombs already made? Maybe a DIYer all natural site? It looks easy but didn't want to get the ingredients, etc.... :) Thanks!

  8. Do you have to press them into the mold hard? Mine swell and when I would take the extra away it was too much.

    After I waited for them to dry when I took them out they all kind of fell out - not in the square shape I wanted.



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