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Budget Gifts for the Manly Outdoorsman In Your Life

I'm awesome at giving gifts if you like anything glittery, but tools? I just recently learned what a socket wrench was. Sort of. In theory.

Anyways, I told The Man I was going to write a blog about what to get a manly man and I needed advice! He said that every manly man wants the following:
  • Tools
  • Car Stuff
  • Awesome Stuff
  • Weapons/Survival/Camping/Hunting/Zombie Apocalypse supplies
  • A Little Something-Something ::wink wink:: ::nudge nudge:: 
Hey! And one of those options is completely free. ;)

The rest... well, not so much.

I'm going to focus on budget friendly options that are geared towards the outdoorsman/survivalist/military enthusiast. Why? Because cars and tools are boring.

And this is a PG blog so I'll let you figure out the ::wink wink:: ::nudge nudge:: on your own, but I thought we could take a look at some....

"Awesome Stuff"

magnetic wristband
  • Magnetic Wristband This is awesome and it kind of goes with cars and tools. It's a magnetic strap that he wears on his wrist and it will hold onto anything metal (nails, screws, nuts, bolts...)
    • Brainteaser
      Mind games baby! This one is HARD! 
    • I know that The Man has lost a bolts down the hood of the car and has had to fish them out-- this will prevent it! 
  • Hanayama Brainteaser Puzzles Mind games are always so cool! Guys love figuring stuff out! 
  • THE WALKING DEAD Seasons 1-3 DVD Sets -- I think this is awesome and it teaches your man survival skills in case of a zombie apocalypse which is very important. I mean, he is going to be the one protecting you and your family. It's best to teach him. 
    • Seriously, it's one of the best TV series on right now. We love it and I even HATE horror movies.
Survival Knives
Okay, I know I'm pretty much a hippie, but today I'm going to write you about weapons. I know. It's crazy.

Mind blown. Poof!

But, really, it's all love's fault. You do crazy things for love.

So I know you're thinking, "What gives this almost hippie the right to tell me what weapons to buy my super awesome manly man?"

I'm so glad you asked!! :)
  1. Well, I was in this little thing called the United States Military. Maybe you heard of it? ;)
  2. I grew up with a Marine for a Father. Enough said.
  3. The Man (who was specially trained in knives while he was is the Army Special Forces) has educated me on the fine art of knife selection.
So, that's my credentials. Hopefully, you approve. If not, then let me convince you...

Or just look at the pictures.

Whatever. ;)
Here Are Some Killer Gift Options

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series, Compact Scout Knife It's small and cheap. Only $9.99 on Amazon so it's a perfect stocking stuffer. It comes a bit dull, but once it's sharpened it's gold! The handle does feel a little cheap, but the blade is solid. For the price, it can't be beat!

Pocket knife (cheap)

Gerber Mini Paraframe Knife, Serrated Edge
is another small, cheap, but well built pocket knife. It's all stainless steel and is a little harder to close than the previous Gerber, but not too much to be a problem. Personally, I think this is a little more sturdy than the previous Gerber, but it costs just a little more. $12

Pocket knife small
This also comes in the Bear Grylls Survival kit
(info near bottom of post)
This Gerber is SMALL. I can conceal the entire knife (when folded) in my fist and I have tiny hands. The blade is just over 2 inches long. They do have bigger sizes in the series if you want something slightly larger.

SOG Escape Knife is another folding knife, but bigger with a more expensive feeling grip than the Gerber. It's probably the biggest you'd want to go for a pocket knife and it even has a clip so he can secure it on his pocket or belt. So fancy!

It does have have multiple functions included within the grip such as a cord cutter, seat belt cutter, and a glass breaker for emergency situations (sorry--- my hand is kind of covering it! It's on the very back of the hilt).

SOG pocket knife

Retails for $55, but I bought it for $35 on Amazon with Countdown to Black Friday Amazon Special: 15% off if select SOG knives for a limited time

SOG Seal Pup Elite Knife  is one of the BEST fix blade knives ever made. It's known for holding its edge better than almost any other knife on the market. It can be a survival knife, combat knife or even a tool. It may look a little small in this picture, but it's blade is almost 5 inches long.

This is an AMAZING deal from Amazon plus the 15% off for a limited time makes it impossible to pass up. It retails for $124 on SOG website, but I bought it for $55 on Amazon. STEAL!!

SOG knife Seal pup elite

Ontario USN-1 Survival Knife (Black) is another great knife which we accidentally found. It has a very small hilt which was great for smaller hands and it is very comfortable to hold. The weight balance is exceptional. This may be a good choice for a woman or a young boy who wants a good blade for the outdoors. 

It retails for $52 on Amazon and came with a sharpening stone. 

Camping knife

SOG Tactical Tomahawk is the perfect weapon for the Zombie Apocalypse! It's mean looking and yet so functional! It's perfect if your man is a camper or hiker because it can help him clear a path, excavate, or use as protection. It has so many functions and it's totally badass.

It retails for over $60, but on Amazon I costs around $30. Half off baby! Woohoo!!

SOG Tomahawk

KA-BAR from Cutco (Classic), but this is a classic. If your man likes military weapons this is a must have for his collection. It is a big, scary looking knife, but it has a perfect center of gravity when its in the hand. The blade itself is over 7 inches and it's crazy sharp. He won't be disappointed.

It is the most expensive of the lot at $150 from Cutco, which is actually a sale because it normally retails for over $180. Not exactly budget friendly, but I thought it would be worth mentioning here as it is an icon of military blades.


After you settle on the choice for the knife then it's on to the survival portion and this is where you can go wild.

The SOG sale (some rules apply) is an extra 15% off the listed price until Dec 31, 2013.
I recently bought the Seal Pup and I did NOT get the discount on checkout. If this happens to you, then just contact Amazon and they will credit you the 15%.

Stocking Stuffers and Survival Gear
A lot of these make awesome stocking stuffers and cost under $10!
paracord braclets
From ODA tactical, starting at $7.99 each
Fire starter
Magnesium fire starter
camping tool
This has a ton of uses: fork, spoon,
hex wrench, bottle opener. It even
comes in pink! :)
survival kit
Bear Grylls Basic Kit: Fire starter, kindle, whistle, pocket knife (gerber), kindle,
survival instruction manual, water proof matches, snare, "rope" and twine.
See-- endless options for stocking stuffers for years to come! 

These paracord bracelets have whistles in the buckle! 
Whew! That was a lot of information, right? But I really hope it helps you find the perfect gift for the man in your life. 

I'd love to hear what you end up getting him and maybe I'll get some more ideas for next year!! :)
Sherri Griffin
Sherri Griffin

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