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Beauty and the Bees Oatmeal, Honey & Herb Scrub (or Mask)

Hello my huggable hippie friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. I sure am! Why? Because I get to tell you about this great new product that I'm super excited about!

Beauty and the Bees Honey and Herb Polishing ScrubBeauty and the Bees is on a mission to truly understand sensitive skin (thank you!) by using high quality natural products like herbs, honey, and oils. They are still one of the few companies that still does things from scratch which is impressive and it makes me want to give them a big ole hug!

They also do not use artificial chemicals! You may have been hearing some talk about palm oil-- no fear! Beauty and the Bees is 100% non RSPO palm oil free! They also make a point to be 100% cruelty free and earth friendly as possible (they use glass or recycled paper-- no plastic!) which I really, really, really love.

I admit that I was really excited when I found Beauty and the Bees product line, and I kind of ordered one or two (or five) items to try out. Later, I contacted the company to ask a question about their shampoo bars and they offered to send me some extra gifts to tell you about!! YAY!! {jumps up and down in excitement} Expect more Beauty and the Bees posts soon! But today, I'm really happy to show off this great little product that I think you'll love!
Seaweed, Honey and Herb Polishing Scrub
It's an oatmeal/almond meal based scrub so it's gentle on sensitive skin while also containing natural herbs which really helping to boost the integrity of your skin and sooth any irritation. But maybe the best thing about this scrub is that it is great at combating all kinds of skin issues. It even has green tea, clay and dried honey which are great antioxidants that help to soften fine lines and wrinkles and sooth skin.

Oatmeal Honey and Herb ScrubYou just use a small amount of water mixed with a small amount of the scrubbing polish until it's incorporated-- it won't exactly be a paste, but if you've ever used oatmeal scrubs before then you know that they can be a little messy. This picture to the right shows about how much of the product I use to exfoliate my skin (it's not very much!)

Apply the wet exfoliant to your face while rubbing (gently) in a circular motion. It'll feel a little grainy which is good because that's how it removes the dead skin and unclogs those pores! You may want to put a towel around your shoulders-- it can be messy!

After you've cleansed, let it sit for about 5 minutes, then you can rinse and then enjoy your baby soft skin. ;)

You can also make a mask using this product as a base. Simply add water, raw honey and a little oil (coconut, almond, jojoba) and wear it for 10-20 minutes. This isn't nearly as messy and gives you wonderful results. 

Remember that the first two ingredients are oatmeal and almond meal-- that's the bulk of the exfoliant, but there are small amount of herbs. However, you only need a small amount of herbs to make a difference for your skin.

The Outcome {drum roll please}
I really enjoyed this product! I have really sensitive skin and after I used it, my cheeks were only mildly reddened, but it quickly faded away with no negative side effects. My skin felt really, really soft and it looks healthy! In fact, someone even said that my skin looked radiant later that day!

I gave some of the polishing scrub to my mom, too, and she really loves this product! She couldn't get over how gentle it is compared to other scrubs and exfoliators.

I can't speak to the long term effects because I haven't personally seen any. However, I only use the Polishing Scrub once every 1-2 weeks. I have a personal belief that scrubs should not be used too often due to issues with skin turn over and increased irritation, especially with sensitive skin. However if you have blackheads and other skin conditions you may want to use this product up to twice a week. I encourage you to research this topic if it interest you. And, of course, you can email me and we can chat :)

I have made oatmeal scrubs in the past-- this behaves similarly in consistency, but I really do believe that my skin reacts differently to the herbs present in the mixture.

Note on Allergies:
Although oats are gluten free, it was not processed in a gluten free factory. The oatmeal base may contain gluten due to cross contamination. 

This product also contains almond meal so if you have an almond allergy-- then I'd skip this one!

If you want more information about the product see their website: Beauty and the Bees-- Seaweed, honey and Herb Polishing Scrub.

As of March 2014, it's cheaper to purchase this item from Seaweed Honey & Herb Polishing Scrub 100% Natural From Australia (affiliate link)

What would you guys be more interested in hearing about for my next Beauty and the Bees post: body soap, shampoo bar, facial moisturizers or a moisturizing balm for hands/elbows/babies? I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid nor compensated for this review by Beauty and the Bees. This is really my opinion. True story.
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