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Easy DIY Foaming Handsoap

I'm a nurse and by default that makes me a total germaphobe. I literally wash my hands dozens of times a day with those chemical filled soap, but I wondered if I could replace the soap with essential oils to be gentler on my skin and the environment. After seeing this article about how research is showing that some ingredient in hand soaps, toothpastes as other products can cause increased risk for chronic health issues like breast cancer!

I started playing around trying to find the perfect foaming hand soap recipe! I admit I am a bit of a foaming hand soap snob.

For years, Clint and I have been buying those Bath and Body Works Foaming hand soaps in pretty much every scent imaginable. They have been a bit of an obsession, but after finding out what makes those incredible smells-- well, we were less than pleased.

So since then it's been my DIY mission to make a foaming hand soap that we both love and adore!

Super Simple Foaming Antibacterial Handsoap
With that said I wanted to give you a recipe for hand soap. This is a request from a wonderful reader who I now consider a new friend!. She works in healthcare and needs a good hand soap. Commercial hand soaps can be drying so I wanted to make sure she had one with some added moisture!

And a bonus is that this recipe is super easy and it will end up saving you money! The foam soap I used to buy costs around $7 a bottle and this one costs less than a dollar to make!

But what I like the most about this soap is that it's gentle and moisturizing. Plus, it smells absolutely amazing.

What you need
  • 1 foam soap pump (I reused one from Bath and Body Works)
  • 1 c distilled or filtered water
  • 2 TBSP Castile Soap
  • 1/4 tsp carrier oil. I used Jojoba, but you can use almond, grapeseed, olive, or any carrier oil that stays liquid at room temperature.
  • 10 drops Thieves Essential Oil (I recommend this brand)
Add the ingredients to the foaming soap bottle being careful to add the water BEFORE you add the other ingredients.

Shake it a bit and tada! You're all done.  You're ready to have clean hands at a fraction of the price of traditional foaming soaps. Yay!!

You may need to lightly shake it if you see the oil settling which is perfectly normal. I hope you love this!!

If you want to find out more information about which essential oil brand I trust and why please read "How to find quality essential oil" I

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How about Dish Soap?
Homemade Dish Soap

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