Friday, November 28, 2014

How to Easily Remove Adhesive Naturally

This is so stupid easy that it isn't even funny, but everybody loves stupid easy, right? Why would you want to do anything the hard way, especially if it concerns glue? You don't because that's just ridiculous. So welcome to the easiest blog post of the year. Yaaaaaay!

I have always absolutely detested adhesive stickers. The are such a huge pain in the butt! Half the time I can only get half of the sticker off before I regret purchasing the item it is simply because it's nearly impossible to remove all the glue!! But I found the most simple and easy way to remove any sticker, glue, adhesive, or even crayon markings. It's ahhhhhhh-mazing!!!!

I hope the video gave you an idea of how amazingly simple and easy this trick can be!

How to easily and naturally remove any kind of adhesive
Natural Adhesive Remover
All you need is a bottle of lemon essential oil! You can't get much easier than that! I recommend this brand because it's pretty much the best.

I put 1 drop directly on the adhesive and rub it into the area. Let it sit for a few seconds and then try to peel back the label. If it gives you any trouble, just stop and wait up to a minute longer before trying to peel back the label again.

Once you start to remove the sticker, it may or may not come up entirely and that's okay! Just add one more drop to any remaining adhesive and use your finger nail to lift it. It just practically falls off!

Love it, love it, love it, love it!! Did I mention that I love this trick?!!?

This also works great for any kind of adhesive issues like if you happen to glue your fingers together. Not that it happened to MEEEEE or anything, but you know... it would work. Hypothetically.


  1. Replies
    1. Great I hope you let us know what you think when you do! :)

  2. Would this work for a car window? The very sticky stuff after you change out a decal on the window?

    1. It could, but I'd make sure you don't have tinting or anything else that could be damaged by adhesive removal.


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