Friday, November 7, 2014

Relaxing Rosemary Lavender Bath Salts with Magnesium

One of the easiest things to make in the DIY world is bath salts. Why? Because you really only need two ingredients: Salt and Essential Oil.

How to make relaxing rosemary and lavender bath salts

Of course, you can add extra amazing things to get awesome results like dried herbs, different kinds of salt, and even a little bit of carrier oil to make things moisturizing. However, I prefer RELAXING bath salts to unwind after a long day so I add something special... magnesium flakes.

If you've ever used magnesium oil you know how amazing it can be! It helps to reduce stressful feelings, promote relaxation, helps the skin and so much more! My mom swears by it's anti-aging properties and calls it her surgery free nip and tuck. It's amazing how it's helped with her sagging skin!

Rosemary and Lavender Bath Salts
How to make #relaxing #DIY lavender and rosemary bath salts #DIYbeauty
I mix everything together in a container and I'm ready to go! You can use anywhere between 1/4 cup to 1 cup of bath salts per bath--- that's up to you! I prefer somewhere around 1/2 cup at a time.

Once you add the essential oils, let it sit for a day or two. The salt will start to dissolve a bit which may make it look discolored. Just stir it to incorporate all the ingredients.

You can definitely make a big jar of this too if you like. It really does stay good for quite some time, but the longer it stays-- the more the oils will dissolve the salts. It's still usable, but it may not look so pretty.

I hope you enjoy this recipe! :) 

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