Sunday, November 2, 2014

Homemade {EASY} Lavender Mini Soap

I love the idea of making my own soap, but I admit that I am a bit scared by the idea of lye and all that goes into it. Soooo... I cheated. :) I hope you appreciate my sneaky ways!

Easy relaxing homemade mini-soaps which only take minutes to make! #DIYbeauty #DIYgifts

I bought pre-made organic goat's milk soap that has a melt than pour base. This make it soooooo easy to make your own soaps because you just, well, melt and pour! It's brilliant, awesome and easy --- that combo makes me so happy!! I have to say that this is one of the absolute easiest DIYs I've ever made!

Relaxing Lavender Mini-Soap
While I'm melting the soap over a double boiler, I pull out my silicone molds and sprinkle the bottom with the dried herbs (I used lavender buds). When you pour the liquid soap into the molds, the lavender will float up to the top which give such a pretty appearance to the soaps, don't you think?

Easy Homemade Lavender mini-soaps that take only minutes to make! #DIYgifts #DIYbeauty

Once the soap is melted, I add the vitamin E and the essential oils. Then I quickly pour the soap into the molds. Simply let them sit for about 15 minutes to harden and then you can pop them right out of the silicone molds. It's sooooooo easy!

This recipe makes either 2 bars which are 3 oz each or approximately two dozen mini soaps if you use the same silicone mold that I used (I only filled the cups up half way).

These mini soaps make the perfect gift for friends and family because, well, just look at how darn cute they are! LOVE THEM! They also can make great hand soaps or bath bars for yourself too!

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Do you wanna make your own? Well then I have a treat for you! I'm giving away one 5 ml bottle of Lavender!! SO EXCITED!! This giveaway will run until Nov 15, 2014.



  1. I love this!! Thank you for sharing!! I have never made soap before and I was wondering, can metal molds be used?

    1. They may be difficult to get out of metal molds. I haven't tried that so I can't really speak to if they would be damaged that way or not.

  2. How important is the vitamin e? I have everything but that!

    1. Vitamin E acts as a preservative so it stays good longer, but it's not required.


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