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4 Love Potions To Support Romance

Once upon a time there was a lucky woman who happened to be blessed by being in a super awesome relationship with a hunky firefighter. The firefighter oozed manly sex appeal, but even with all the eye candy the lucky woman sometimes need a little extra help to get in the mood. That's when she discovered a miraculous "love potion"!


Lucky for you she told me all about these recipes because this couldn't at all be talking about meeeeeee....

DIY love potions to support a healthy libido #sexytime #essentialoils

Disclaimer: All of these recipes should be made with high grade therapeutic essential oils such as this brand. I don't recommend using store bought brands because many of them have synthetic components (even if they are labeled pure) which can actually interfere with your desire to practice making babies (which happens to be a very important skill).

Nightly Love Potion 
  • 20 drops Ylang Ylang
  • 20 drops Idaho Blue Spruce
  • Fill the rest of the 5 ml bottle with liquid based carrier oil of your choice (almond, jojoba, hemp seed, rose hips, etc)
Using this nightly over my lower abdomen or on my feet helps me maintain a healthy desire for "adult" activities. I like using this in a roll-on bottle so I can just quickly use it before bed without much thought or effort.

CONFESSION: I love this scent combo so much!! I like to diffuse Ylang Ylang and Idaho Blue Spruce around the house or wear it as a perfume. I'll just say that my firefighter REALLY likes this scent combo too, but for different reasons than I do. {wink wink}

But if you don't have Idaho Blue Spruce-- don't worry. Ylang Ylang is kind of the master of all things sexy time. I will rub it on my thighs, lower abdomen, or feet before bed. 

DIY love potions to help support a healthy libido #essentialoils #sexytime #valentines2015
Love Potion STAT
When the moment comes, but a little extra help would be welcomed, rub this on your inner thighs and enjoy your evening. And trust me--- you will ENJOY your evening. wink-wink

I like to make a small batch and keep it in my bedside table drawer to put on when the opportunity arises. 

Manly Love Potion Salve
If your man needs a little extra umph in the bedroom, then try this recipe! 
Putting this on every night on the feet is best to maintain healthy adult activity, but it can be used on the inner thigh before hanky panky begins to help increase sensitivity and support circulation to certain, ummm.... areas. 

DIY Personal Lubricant
Ladies, are you having trouble reaching the big O? You might want to try this one I've adapted from Oh Lardy because my lady parts, well, they can get too tingly from the peppermint but from what I hear-- it's spicy in more than one way! 
Mix, apply and enjoy. If you don't want to put it in your lady garden, then consider your thighs. It can work quite nicely. TRUST ME. 

Warning: caution when using with latex or other devices which may break down with the use of oil based lubricants and/or essential oils. 

Now go get your Bow Chicka Wow Wow, girl. OOOOOOOOh yeeeeeeah. 

Remember-- since we are talking about special parts of the human body we REALLY need to use high quality essential oils! Nobody wants a rash on those parts! Ouch! Get your essential oils and join my super awesome oily team. Or you can just join my natural living support group for more awesome chemical free education. 
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