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DIY Leave In Conditioner & Moisturizer plus Anti-Frizz Serum

Living in central Florida during the summer is not the kindest thing I could do to my hair. That's why I decided to share with you my tricks and tips on having manageable hair using only natural products.

For starters, you should know what kind of hair I have: thin, fine and my scalp leans towards dry. Since I've been using my own hair rinse and using a great shampoo bar, my hair has become softer, more manageable, thicker, and can even hold a loose curl now.

However, with Florida summers, my hair was starting to look a bit dull from all the sun exposure and I was battling the frizz caused by all this humidity.

Rose Water Spray
This is great because the rose water protects your hair from the sun!

I put the ingredients into a small misting bottle and I spray it on my hair every morning or after a shower.

First, I have to say that I LOVE the way it makes my hair smell. Rose water has to be one of the most feminine and romantic smells in the world.

I have noticed an improvement in the dullness of my hair. It definitely looks more shiny and has more moisture. My hair looks and feels healthier! I love it. It helps a little for combating frizz for those extra humid days. You can spray it on dry hair or wet hair.

My hair never feels oily or looks greasy after I use the product. It's very light and easily absorbs into my hair after just a couple of minutes.
The vegetable glycerin seems to be a thing of miracles on the web. While browsing through some blogs I've noticed that many African American girls use it with great results for dry hair so I decided to add it to my mixture to see if it gave my fine, dull locks the same kind of love. Those ladies knew what they are talking about! That stuff is awesome! It does need to be mixed with water or you can get a drying affect (don't worry-- my recipe took care of that), but when mixed properly it hydrates hair, perks up dry, dull hair, and seals split ends.

So, I think this should work on all hair types. Try it out and let me know!

A little trick too--- this can be used on your face for a light moisturizer, too!

Anti-Frizz Treatment
I have found that both of these products work well with combating frizz. However, the jojoba oil is notably cheaper than the argan oil so I use it more frequently.

I simply place a 2-3 drops of oil in my hands and apply to my wet hair starting at the tips and working my way up. I do NOT place any oil on my scalp as I find that it can make my hair look a little oily.
I let my hair air dry most of the time, but I have used a blow dryer with no problems. 

After I apply the oils, I haven't noticed any scent from the either product. 

In this picture, my hair air dried and then I used a hair straightener to loosely curl my hair. No other products were applied. 

I hope you like these simple ideas! They are so easy to incorporate into a daily routine and they are so much cheaper than normal hair products. 

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Sherri Griffin
Sherri Griffin

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  1. This doesn't seem to be for a very large quanitity. Can you make it in larger batches?

    1. Hi! Yes, you can make a larger batch. There isn't really anything in it that will go bad quickly, but you don't really need a lot either. I just use a mister bottle to spray it on my hair and this batch lasts for around a month-- depending on how often you take showers, I suppose. ;) I hope you like it as much as I do!

  2. How strong do you feel the rose water is scent-wise? I love the idea of it, but my husband is very sensitive to scents as a result of his head-injury. Even strong natural scents can bother him (we're slowly going through different EOs to see which are a go and which aren't). I want to try this for my hair though!

    1. The rose water that I use is mild and once you use it, it becomes very soft-- almost like an after note. It's definitely not a strong scent. My boyfriend is super macho manly firefighter and he actually uses rose water on his skin (ssshhh.. don't' tell anybody) because he likes the effects. None of the guys he works with can that he uses it. But using it in your hair does give a faint scent especially if you toss your hair or someone gets really close.

      It is definitely not as strong as rose EO. :) I hope that answers the question!

    2. It does answer my question! Thank you :)

      And I won't tell anyone your boyfriend uses it on his skin.. just like I don't tell anyone that my husband now loves whipped coconut oil as an aftershave!

    3. It's totally our secret. No one will ever know. Sssshhh…...

  3. A lil risemary oil smells nice and fresh and is known to strengthen hair. Some aloe juice too. Also shea butter will turn frizz into waves or curl



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