Sunday, August 11, 2013

Product Review: BirchBox Monthly Beauty Boxes

I swear that I'm obsessed with all things that come in a box. In June I reviewed the BarkBox (which is awesome) and this month I'm going to talk to you about BirchBox.

It's so much fun because every month they send you a little box filled with beauty goodies!

Birchbox has a two subscription boxes: one for men and one for women. You can pay a higher premium and be able to cancel at any time or pay a lower premium for a longer subscription.

In the boxes there are a variety of beauty supplies: lotions, nail polish, perfumes, makeup, creams, shampoos and conditioners. Sometimes you even get small accessories like cute bobby pins or hair ties. You get about half a dozen samples a month from various different lines that are recommended by the BirchBox consultants. Birchbox introduced me to one of my favorite natural lines: Shea Terra and I'm soooo thankful! Love that stuff!! I use their Rose Water daily and their Banana Body Creme is to DIE FOR!

However, BirchBox does not have subscription choices so you can't pick natural or organic. The boxes don't alter in their contents due to your preferences in those matters. Trust me, I've asked.

If you are very health minded, then I would not recommend BirchBox simply because of the amount of organic and natural products that they sample are very low. If you don't mind using some unnatural products, then it's a fun little box and they are never boring. Each month they have a different theme which is always fresh and new.

If you like something in the box, then you can order it on their website and earn points that can be used towards future purchases or boxes.

You can sign up for one here: Birchbox under the Box tab.

I've really likes quite a few things in my BirchBoxes, but simply because of the amount of unnatural products I'm switching from BirchBox to a new box. I'm really excited to get this new product and tell you guys about it, but it's a surprise for now! Check back soon!

I have not been paid or compensated in any matter for this review. This is simply my opinion of the product and not affiliated with any other group or individual. 

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