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DIY Workout Balm, Salve and Energy Drink

WARNING: Prepare yourself for my sappiness. Considered yourself properly warned.

My love for PanAway began due to my love for a man. It is true! Now, you should know that when I opened my Premium Starter Kit, that this was NOT my favorite essential oil. I was definitely all about the lavender, but that's probably because I am more of a delicate flower, overly cautious, and anti-exciting person anyways. I really think that exciting stuff is making DIYs. I'm happy with that.

So now you know that I prefer calm and peaceful, you are probably wondering how exactly did I fall head over heels for an adrenaline junkie? It was those big ole' brown eyes staring down at me. And those arms didn't hurt either! {swoons}

It's funny how the girl who thinks roller coasters are too big of an adrenaline spike is enjoying life with a man who jumps out of airplanes for fun and runs into a burning building for a profession. Go figure!! Life is funny like that, right?! It goes back to that theory of how we always look for balance in everything! Which are why essential oils are so great-- they help take care of him after his crazy adventures!

#DIY Workout Solutions: Workout Balm, Workout #salve, and #EnergyShot for #workingout

As a Firefighter, his job is very physical and he often comes home tired and exhausted.  I admit that I am always happy to see him come home in all of his magnificent sweaty, stinky glory because I worry about him! {pause} Alright, I worry a lot.  If you came to my house on a day he worked.... NO... if you came to my neighbor's house on a day he worked.... I bet you could smell the lavender seeping from my house!

So, when he comes home after a long day, I like to welcome him home by taking care of him.  Yes. He is totally spoiled. I used to give him massages with coconut oil, but when I had the idea to add PanAway he flipped out.

Okay. BACK UP! To be honest, he made fun of me when I first decided to use PanAway. He was like "Yeah, sure rub your 'magic workout juice' on my muscles. It will be GREAT!" but as soon as I started the massage it was all "Ohhhh.." and "Ahhhh". He gave me "permission" to buy this again. {rolls eyes}. Now he asks for PanAway and he's constantly stealing it from my essential oil stash!

PanAway Workout Salve (or massage oil.
#DIY #workout solutions: Homemade balm, salve and #energy drink
This is the simple recipe that I have made for my Firefighter to take to work or the gym to help him combat all that post activity soreness! But it also makes a great massage oil base too!
I mix the ingredients in a small glass ramekin, then I apply a small amount on any areas that may need a little TLC. How easy is that, right?! It's particularly great post-workout, but you can also use it pre-workout too if you really wanted to get your muscles limber.

If I'm going to do a post workout massage, I use it just like I would use massage oil. And let me tell you, it's fantastic! But even if you don't have anyone to give you a massage at the moment, you can still use it. If my shoulders are sore from Pilates, I will rub a little on them and even without the massage I will immediately feel less tension and soreness.

Workout Muscle Balm
If you want something a little bit firmer, you can always make this into a balm. He prefers this when he's outdoors working out because it doesn't melt and get so messy!
You simply melt all the ingredients over a double boiler, then pour them into a salve container (like these Tin Containers). Let it cool for about an hour (two hours if it's hot) and then it's ready to use.

Pre-Workout Energy Shot
When my Firefighter is getting ready to workout or if he needs a little extra pick me up he ALWAYS reaches for the NingXia Products.

He puts NingXia Red in his protein shakes and he has even got me into taking NingXia Nitro before my workouts. It makes SUCH a difference! I normally am tired halfway through my workout, but with my NingXia Nitro shot-- forget it! I can give 100% the entire time. For added bang though, add some Essential Oils!
  • 1 oz shot of NingXia Red or 1 tube of NingXia Nitro (You can get them here)
  • 1 drop of Copaiba Essential Oil
  • 1 drop of Peppermint Essential Oils 
  • A complementary favorite pre-workout drink (like Raw Tea)
Just mix this all up in a cup and drink it about 20-30 before your workout. 

Peppermint Mint Water
I have gotten into the habit of carrying Peppermint with me or adding it to my drinking water when I work out to help keep my energy levels strong. It's a great alternative if you aren't using the NingXia products or you prefer that minty goodness. 

This Mint Water (recipe in the graphic) is my man's recipe and it's really yummy! 

SAFETY: Just remember, if you are going to ingest essential oils-- they must be a high quality oil which will say that it is recommended and safe to ingest. If there are no ingestion instructions on the label or a warning label, then please do not use that brand of essential oils! 

Mint Citrus Water is PERFECT for pre-workouts

PanAway Love
So yes, I am very thankful for PanAway and that it came in the Premium Starter Kit. Not only did it make my man a believer in natural remedies, but it brought us closer and it's helped him physically stay at his peak performance which keeps him safe at his job. I am so thankful that my friend recommended essential oils to me.  Best. Decision. Ever. They have been useful in every part of our lives and continue to amaze me.

If you are interested in getting started with essential oils, please feel free to contact me about joining my oily family or check out my blog post about Getting Started With Essential Oils (it will tell you how to get 24% off). It's amazing and a decision I am positive you won't regret!

PanAway has been my Firefighter's favorite oil from day one. Now that it's helped him so much and in so many ways, it's also one of my favorite oil too. MUSH MUSH MUSH!! Don't you feel the love! I warned you!!
Sherri Griffin
Sherri Griffin

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  1. Do you think this would be effective without the Copaiba?

    1. Hi Audrey :) Copaiba acts as a magnifier, but it's not needed. PanAway is great for sore muscles by itself.



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