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5 Essential Oil Storage Solutions

I have gotten a lot of emails lately asking about how to store essential oils for travel or just for every day use.  Lucky for you, I'm completely obsessed with essential oil and I have about 10 different storage solutions at my house. Some of them I love, some of them I'm okay with and some of them I would never recommend (don't get the tacky plastic tower one-- I don't know what I was thinking).

Let me show you some of my favorite essential oil storage solutions for every day use, long weekends, travel/storage, and for the home diffuser, too!

Essential oil storage solutions #yleo #essentialoils

Pacifier Bag
This is what I carry with me in my purse and it's awesome! It's the perfect size to carry three 5 ml essential oils and it's pretty darn cute, too. I get a lot of compliments and then people laugh when I tell them it's a pacifier bag, but then they immediately ask me how they can get their hands on one, too. What can I say-- I'm a trend setter with my rockin' baby supplies.

I really like this one because it's cute, but this particular brand comes in A LOT of different patterns! It has a magnetic closure too so my oils are always secure. Check out mine here: Pacifier Pod
small essential oil storage for purse

Essential Oil Mini Bag
I searched high and low to try to find an essential oil bag that I could take on weekend trips or for a long day. I was soooooo excited when I found this bag from Our Happy, Healthy Home on Etsy. There are different options that you can pick from as to how many bottles it holds so go check out her store to see what she offers.

This is great to put in a large purse or a beach bag. It carries enough essential oils that you have a great supply for a day or two. It can store a variety of different size bottles, including small DIYs. LOVE IT!

essential oil mini bag #yleo

P.S. The owner, Jennifer Owen, is super talented and she makes all the bags by hand. And, boy, can she sew! Her bags are really sturdy and high quality!

She can totally customize your order too so if you don't like the pink interior, you can swap it out for another color. How nice is that! She also has a ton of different fabrics to chose from (like this one that I am pretty much in love with)

BONUS: From now when you purchase a bag from HHH on Etsy, Jennifer will add 6 empty lip balm tubes to your order if you use the coupon code: WELCOMEOM

First Aid or Travel Bag:
My friend, Amber, actually purchased one of these cute bags and she couldn't stop talking about how amazing it was so, of course, I had to try it! I like to use mine for a First Aid Kit so if someone gets hurt or gets sick that I can just grab it out of the linen closet and pull out whatever essential oil or DIY that I've made to help with that particular issue. It even comes with a really hand First Aid Guide!

BUT, I did go on a trip recently and I admit that I totally used it for a travel bag. It's really great! I love how many things it can hold and how cute it is too. I got a lot of compliments from my travel companions on how adorable it is! Soo... I might need to get another one. Hmph.

You can also pick up one of these from Jennifer Owens from Our Healthy, Happy Home on Etsy. She can easily customize it for you and there are a number of options to chose from. It's hard to pick just one!!

BONUS: From now until April 2015 when you purchase a bag from HHH on Etsy, Jennifer will add 6 empty lip balm tubes to your order if you use the coupon code: WELCOMEOM

first aid or travel bag for essential oils #yleo

This is the one that I purchased: Magical Moroccan.

Young Living's 10 Oil Case
I really like this one because it's sturdy and it is also pink. Granted you can also get blue or green or a larger case if you want, but this one is just perfect for me. I use it to carry essential oils that I often take to my essential oil classes. It's quick, easy and protected in case I drop it (which I'm likely to do).

It does hold the 15ml bottles more securely than the 5 ml, but I think either will work. I really like this one and it's my go to for taking with me when I'm meeting a friend to talk about essential oils.

Essential oil carrying case for 10 oils #yleo

You can only buy this case directly from Young Living and with a wholesale membership (no obligation to sell) you can get it for 24% off. YAY! Find out more here: How to Start a Young Living Membership and get 24% off

Diffuser Travel Bag
Travel Bag for Essential Oil Home Diffuser #yelo
As I said in the paragraph above, I was traveling and if you are an oily junkie like me, then you know that you NEED your diffuser. This is not negotiable. The only time it is acceptable to NOT bring your diffuser is when you know your roommate is bringing one. Just saying.

Why? Because you can diffuser Purification and/or Thieves to help get rid of germs and bugs. And I mean real bugs. {shivers} I also need lavender to help me sleep at night and then don't forget lemon/peppermint to diffuse in the morning to wake me up! YES. I need a diffuser.

I found this bag on Etsy at Baggage and Co and I geeked out. I didn't even know anyone made a cute diffuser bag!! So, of course, I NEEDED one! It was amazing for my trip! The Home Diffuser fits perfectly in the bag and it has enough room to store the cord and a  few bottles of essential oils as well. LOVE IT!

Tracey Donohue (the owner of Baggage and Co) makes them out of different materials and fabrics so you can get one completely customized to what you want. She offers a quilted one with a lot of protection, duck cloth which is sturdy but flexible and 100% cotton which provides protection but not as sturdy as the others. I have the duck cloth and I LOVE IT! It's perfect!!

Essential Oil Storage Solutions #yleo
More Options
I know you guys want MORE options because... well, I always want more so I assume you do too.

I polled some friends and asked around in my FB groups and I got some great feedback as to what other storage options everyone loves!

Here are some options that came recommended from one of my essential oil groups.

A Wooden display by Papa Swopes from Jessica Swopes. There is a Rustic Display that Clint has been oogling over. It's not for travel, but it's a great way to show case your essential oils at home!

DIY Wall Shelf: Are you the do it yourself type? Then you will LOVE this wall shelf display from my friend Kara at Life Sanity. It's just adorbs. Check out the post here: Make Your Own Essential Oil Wall Shelf

31 Bags: A few of my friends (but especially my friend Heather) has sung the praises of 31 bags! There are a lot to chose from, but she recommends picking one based on the size you want and how many oils you'd like to carry with you.

Caboodle: A lot of people in the group use this nail polish holder to hold their essential oils (including me). I use the bottom section to store 15 ml bottles and the top to store any 5 ml bottles and it actually can hold quite a bit.

If you want to see more about some of the cases that I featured in this article then please watch this video to see what they look like "in person".

Disclaimer: Some of the bags in this giveaway were donated to me for this raffle. I still love them lots and lots and lots and use them ALL the time! 
Sherri Griffin
Sherri Griffin

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