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DIY Winter Skin Care Routine

Ahhh... the weather is cooling down, but so is the humidity! I don't know about you, but my skin absolutely loves moisture and as soon as it gets a little dryer outside my face revolts! Dry skin everywhere. WATCH OUT! Stand close enough to me and you might think it's snowing. I'm serious. It can be bad!

I've gotten a few questions about what I do when the weather cools down and our skin starts to dry out so I thought I'd share with you my winter skin care routine! I just make some simple swaps in the recipes I already know and love.

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Face Wash
I have two different face wash formulas that I am totally obsessed with. I will switch back and forth between them all year long because I love them so much and I can never make up my mind on which one is better. However, I tend to gravitate towards the Face Wash and Makeup Remover when I *really* need extra moisture.

Face Wash and Makeup Remover:  I tend to leave this recipe as it is because it's already very moisturizing, but if you NEED moisture try using calendula oil or avocado oil in the recipe instead of fractionated coconut oil.

DIY #beauty face wash for #skincare

Original Face Wash: I just swap out the Jojoba or Tamanu for Avocado or Calendula Oil and your skin will be silky smooth. This one is great for people who want a little more moisture, but it's probably better for all skin types.

In my opinion, toner is ESSENTIAL for great looking skin during the winter. Why? Because it locks in moisture and helps the skin to stay calm and happy all season long. Here are my DIY recipes for Toner and they are great just as they are. No tweaks needed!

If you don't want to make your own toner, then consider using just Thayers Alcohol-free Unscented Witch Hazel. It's a great, cheap beauty product which is gentle on skin. Be careful of the added fragrance in some of the variations of the product though!

#DIY toner and #winter skin to help seal in #moisture

Oh! Dry skin! This is the really important one, right?! So let me tell you a trick!! Use your toner first and while it's still wet, then apply your moisturizer! TADA! Life changed! You are welcome! It works to lock and seal in the moisture. Trust me-- your skin will thank you!

My DIY moisturizer is light and so good for skin! It can be used by all skin types and all ages too. It really helps keep skin looking youthful and you can use different essential oils depending on your goals.

For winter time, check out this DIY moisturizer and simply swap out the jojoba for either calendula or avocado oil to give your skin more winter TLC.

#DIYbeauty moisturizer for #winter #dryskin

Calendula vs Avocado Oil for Winter Skin
So you probably have noticed a theme, right?! So what's the difference between Avocado and Calendula?! Well... A LOT!

Avocado is a heavier oil and it can be very moisturizing, but it is THICK. It is not for everyone especially when used without dilution. Most people tolerate it better as 25-50% of a recipes carrier oil rather than 100% avocado oil because this stuff is no joke! A little goes a long way, my friends! But if your skin is thirsty--- boyyyy... this can do the trick!

#DIY #calendula oil is great for all #skin types and in all #DIYbeauty recipesCalendula oil is a bit different because you can make it with whatever carrier oil you want! I recommend using the carrier oil that your skin already loves and make it a calendula oil by infusing it with the calendula herb. That way you know your skin will handle the lovely calendula oil without any comedogenic acne because it's what you've already been using. Win, right?

Check out my DIY recipe here for Calendula Oil or if you're in a rush, then try this crock pot recipe.

Crockpot Calendula Oil
  • Dried calendula flowers (enough to fill one half pint glass canning jar)
  • Cold pressed organic carrier oil of your choice
Put the herbs in the jar and cover it with carrier oil. Put about 1 inch of water in your crock pot and place the jar in the water (aka water bath). Heat over low heat for 24-48 hours (adding more water as needed). ***Do NOT be tempted to try this on high heat to go faster-- it will destroy all that hard work! This really needs to be at low heat to keep it's amazing skin properties.*** Carefully remove from the crockpot, strain with cheesecloth and it's ready to use!

And if you want a great winter skin DIY try these body lotion bars!

#DIY body lotion bars for #winter #dryskin

More Winter Beauty Recipe Ideas
Remember, not all essential oils are created equal! If you've ever had a reaction to store bought "pure" essential oils than you know what I mean! Make sure that you're buying high quality essential oils (like this brand). And if you decide that you want to join my oily team- I'd be super honored! Find out more here.

Winter Skin #DIYs for #DIYbeauty and #Dryskin

Sherri Griffin
Sherri Griffin

Thanks for checking out my blog. I get serious about a few things in life: animals, chemicals, and food. For the rest I can't promise anything so keep the bar low. For more about me check out my "About Me" page! Happy DIYing!

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  1. Hi dear, thank you for your amazing help, it is great to find all your research about natural DIY skin care products! I am having a nightmare with my skin wich is ultra rough, I got big dark sun marks, wrinkles.. and I am only 31! I have been always a natural girl, and I thought that nature was wise, so I did literally nothing with my skin, apart from sunscreen when going to beach... But the fast aging is scaring me bad. Could you tell me a every day routine step by step, from morning to night? I feel lost



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