Monday, December 21, 2015

Non-Toxic Stain Remover

Got a stain? Well, that sucks. But do you know what sucks more? Chemicals in traditional stain removers. Yeaaaah.... you know, stuff like Methylisothiazolinone, PPG-3 Methyl Ether, Kerosene (petroleum), and C14-15 Pareth-7. These chemical ingredients may contribute to unpleasant things like cancer, but that's cool because at least you'll have that stain out, right?

But don't just believe me. Check out the EWG's Guide to Healthy Cleaners and see how your stain remover rates on the toxicity scale. But be warned. It can be pretty scary!

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If you decide to reduce chemicals in your home to help protect your health and wellbeing, then you may be interested in a really easy non-toxic stain remover.

Non-Toxic Stain Remover
Don't you hate it when you buy a cute new dress, go out for that Christmas Party and then drop food
on it in the first 10 minutes? {face palm} Thankfully for you (or me), we can save that gorgeous dress and all you need is ONE thing and a teeny bit of elbow grease.
This is the fun part! Just pour just enough of undiluted Thieves Household Cleaner directly on the stain to lightly cover what you want to remove. Scrub that bad boy in with a soft brush and you should see the stain disappear. If it's a tough stain, just let the mixture sit for a few minutes before you scrub a little more and watch it disappear!

OPTIONAL: If it's a white, feel free to add a drop of lemon essential oil (I recommend this brand) to the mixture for a little extra umph.

Non-toxic #stain remover that's easy to make. Works like a charm, too!

This is an easy way to remove stains in a non-toxic way to keep your family healthy and looking crisp. You can also add a capful of Thieves All Purpose Cleaner into your wash to help keep things looking fresh. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Wanna Save Money?
Have you heard about the Thieves Premium Starter Kit? It's kind of amazing and a great way to get the Thieves Household Cleaner at a deal!

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