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Breathe Deeply Chest Rub for Exercise

Did you know that you could be breathing incorrectly? Most of my life I've blamed my shoes, but lately I couldn't quite find the logic in that. I mean-- does this make sense to you?

"I hate these running shoes! They are so old. I need to upgrade. In fact, I almost died because I couldn't breathe... due to my, um, shoes." 

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I had no idea why I felt like I was dying every time I did anything aerobic, but I was pretty sure it was NOT my fault and I was totally in shape. {insert innocent look here} But then I heard some wise words from my Pilates instructor. Excuse me while I paraphrase...

"Shallow breathing is bad. Deep breathing is good." 

Did you know that most oxygenation actually happens in the lower parts of the lungs and that most people are either belly breathers or shallow upper lung breathers (totally a technical word)? Pay attention to your natural breath and see how you breathe. 

Go ahead. Take a few breaths. I'll wait.....

Did you do it?!  What did you notice?!!  Did you breathe using more of the upper part of your chest? Most people do! So how should you breathe? Words just can't do it justice so please watch this video to see exactly how we should be breathing more effectively for exercise (and life, too).  

This revelation is why I formulated my "Breathe Deeply Chest Rub for Exercise". It helps to relax the muscles in the chest so that I can improve my oxygenation while also keeping me calm and relaxed. It doesn't cure, treat or prevent being out of shape or breathing incorrectly, but it helps me to easily loosen those muscles for breathing so that I can breathe easier and deeper while exercising.
Breathe Deeply Chest Rub for Exercise 
breathe deeply chest rub for exercise
I really enjoy this chest rub mostly because it makes me not feel like I'm going to die when I'm on that treadmill.
Just mix everything in a glass jar (like this one) and apply a small amount to your chest and neck before exercise to loosen the muscles and calm the mind so you can breathe properly for exercise.

*Note: If you don't have Cool Azul, you can substitute PanAway Essential Oil

What is your favorite essential oil or natural product for exercise?

Do you meditate? A bonus that I've noticed is that it is helping my meditation session be more productive as well. I would love to hear your experiences and see if this helps your meditations, too!

Disclaimer: Remember, I am not a doctor. This recipe is for EXERCISE and MEDITATION only. It would be irresponsible of me to claim that any of my recipes helped with any medical conditions.

If you have a testimony about essential oils, breathing and your medical condition, I am thrilled that essential oils worked so well for you! They truly are powerful! However, we per the law cannot state that they helped with any medical conditions. So that we can continue sharing recipes here and helping each other, please refrain from sharing your medical testimonies on this site! Thank you so much! 
Sherri Griffin
Sherri Griffin

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