Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Signs

Before I started the blog I made my own chalkboard signs. It was sooooo easy!

All you need is:

  • Wood cut to the size you want
  • Chalkboard paint in the color you want ($8 for the can, but you only need a little bit)
  • A frame from a craft store (the ones I bought were around $15 each)

I sanded down the boards and after I cleaned them, I used a high quality foam roller to apply the chalkboard paint. It went on really smoothly, but I definitely need a to reapply.

The worst thing about the chalkboard paint is how long that it has to sit before you use it. Make sure you read the back of your can because it can take 5-7 days before you can use the chalkboard.

When you first use it you have to take the chalk and run it all over the board, coating the entire thing in chalk. Then you can remove it using a damn cloth and then write whatever you want on it.

There is a difference in the feel of writing on this than on a real chalkboard, but I don't mind. It's so much cheaper and they've held up-- one is even outside by my front door!

Here are some of the chalkboard signs that I've put up. The first ones are the ones outside by the front door and the last couple are the ones by the bar.

Halloween Sign

Everyday sign

Big Butts Sign

Yolo is dumb sign

The Truth Sign
Soliciting sucks sign

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