Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DIY Patriotic Flag Wreath

This is one of the cutest wreaths I've made! It's really easy to make, but just a little time consuming to wrap the yarn. I finished mine in a little over half an hour.
DIY patriotic wreath

What You Need
  • Red, White and Blue Yarn
  • A Straw Wreath in Plastic Wrap (do NOT take it out of the wrap! It'll be much harder!)
  • A star punch if you are like me and not very good at cutting stars by free hand. 
  • Water proof paper material
Make a flag wreath
You need to decide how big you want each red and white section to be and how much should be blue. You could do this logically using a mathematical formula OR you can do it the ghetto way: using an object to space out distance. My sections are about inches in length each.

This was my first time making a yarn wreath and I wasn't quite so sure how to make it. Do I glue it? Do I tie the piece together? Do I tuck it in under itself? Oh, the questions! Of course, I could have found out if I read about it some more, but where is the ADVENTURE!!

So I tied each new color section to the old color section to keep the tension so the yarn was nice and tight. I'd then cut off the extra "hanging" pieces to make it look a little cleaner.

To make each section I kept the yarn on the roll and just tucked it up and over each time. I won't lie... by the end of it my arm ached a bit from all the repetitive motion.

I wanted the blue section to be close to 1/4 of the size of the wreath. Tada! Yarn part is done! Now it's time for the stars...
Make an patriotic american flag wreath

I wanted there to be 13 stars for the original 13 colonies because I'm kind of a geek. I like being historically accurate OKAY!?

I found this thick white GLITTERY stockcard at Hobby Lobby and I used my star punch to make some purty little stars. Awwwww….

{sigh} You know… you can't go wrong with glitter.

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