Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Flowers (dwarf fruit trees, gardenias, honeysuckle, roses...)

The Dwarf Orange Tree (Valencia) is blooming and there are a few fruits ripening!
 I can't wait to try it! 

The blueberry bush is completely covered in berries!

Mmmm.. love the smell of lavender. 
Thankfully the Winter Green Boxwoods haven't started to smell yet.

Gardenias. It is possible that this is the most heavenly smell.

 The Coral Honeysuckle is blooming and I've even seen some hummingbirds buzzing around my yard!

The Knockout roses are blooming

Thyme is starting to spread. I can't wait for it to topple out of the mouth of the frog planter!

The banana shrub has small little flowers that smell like fruity bananas

The blue sky vine is growing like crazy and has these beautiful light blue flowers. 

The dwarf lemon tree is also blooming and I have quite a bit of fruit growing on it.

The Princess Bush is growing like crazy and has flower buds all over it. 

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