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No Sew Cat Toy with Catnip

Make a cat toy

I have three cats and one of them is FAT. We call him Fatticus, Fatty McFatterson, Fatty Mcbeal, Chubby Kitty and all sorts of names that if he understood he'd probably hate us and be horribly scarred. Luckily, he doesn't understand English. Well, except "Are you hungry?" He understands that.

Fat Cat in a Box
Meet Leo, the Lazy. That's his official "on the record" name anyways. 

We've put him on a diet, we've been playing with him more and he lost a little bit of weight, but not enough! So our goal has been to get him to exercise!! We have tried a bunch of toys, but he is fancy and only like the really expensive toys that use batteries and move. Unless it's a string. He looovveesss strings.

We been trying to find something (anything!) to get him moving around to drop some more weight. To help him get a little more interested in play time, I thought I'd reinvent some of his old cat toys. Especially the ones that aren't very popular because maybe I can bring them to life with a little Overthrow Martha pizzazz. So, of course, I started with the lamest toy: those cheap $0.99 little plastic balls with the bell inside that no cat ever likes. 

It's time for a plastic cat ball make over!! 

Make a cat toy
I decided to just wrap it in yarn and shove a bunch of catnip (aka cat crack) in it. Especially this catnip! It's AMAZING. It's the Yeowww Catnip Bags from So great! It makes my kitties go insane.

My cats somehow actually knew that this catnip was in the delivery box when I brought it inside. All three of them (yes, I'm a crazy cat lady and I have three cats) were in the room waiting for me to open the box. In fact, that picture above was Leo sleeping in the box the catnip came in. He wouldn't get out of it!

Surely super kitty crack would make him interested in this new toy, right?! Right?!?!

What You Need:
I simply tied the yarn to any part of the plastic ball to start

Cat toy makeover

I wrapped it around the ball until everything was covered except a small hole 

Make a cat toy

Then I shoved the catnip into the hole using the end of a paint brush while my other cat, Sadie, ate the catnip that I dropped. 

Love it. Easy clean up.

Cat with cat nip


Then I finished rolling the ball together and I put just a bit of hot glue on the edge of the last piece of yarn to keep it all together.

Make a cat toy

Sadie followed me around the house and wouldn't let me out of her sight while I had that ball! 

So I gave it to her and this happened:

Attack cat

Crazy cat

Cat going insane

I think she may have lost her mind.

Cat and toy

Elizabeth Taylor (aka Libby) really liked the ball too, but all our action shots were blurry!

As for Fatso...

Cat and Toy

I think he was upset about the pink ribbon.

At least I have one sleepy kitty

Sleepy kitty

Sherri Griffin
Sherri Griffin

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  1. What a cute and entertaining blog! I sometimes call our Little Julie, "Fatty Lumpkin" because of her little paunch.....

    1. Fatty Lumpkin! That's so cute! :) I just love cats (obviously)! I'm so glad you like the blog!! :)



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