Friday, July 5, 2013

Yarn Wreath and Felt Flowers DIY Tutorial

I love the look of yarn wreaths-- they are also so welcoming. They are also great for people who aren't all that artistic-- just pick a color and wrap it around a wreath. Not rocket science. I also love felt flowers because they are so easy to make! I decided to combine the two for a new summer wreath!

DIY Yarn Wreath

It's so simple! It takes some time simply because of wrapping the yarn, but it's so easy!

How To Make The Flowers
Buy sheets of felt at the craft store in the colors you like. You will need about half a sheet per large flower. At Joann's they were only $0.34 per sheet.

Make sure you have a hot glue gun or fabric glue and scissors! That's all you need!

I cut the felt in strips that were about 1 1/2 inches wide. The length will be dependent on the size you want the flowers to be-- the longer the length, the larger the flower. You can keep adding strips to a already made flower to make it bigger.

Fold the strips in half and glue them together.

DIY felt flowers

This is the fun part! Cut little strips into the folded felt to create your "petals". They can be thick, thin, diagonal, straight, cut from the side you glued or the seam where you folded.. whatever you like. Each flower will come out differently when you change things just slightly.

How to make felt flowers

Just take the edge of the yarn and roll it from one end to the other. Glue it together and you have a flower! Add more felt if you want it larger.

DIY felt flower tutorial

Make A Yarn Wreath
Again, the yarn can be any color you like. Thick yarn will wrap faster, but will look more chunky, while thin yarn will take a while, but will look a little sleeker. So pick according to the look you want! I decided on two different yarns: a speckled yarn and a plain yarn. They cost about $3.50 each.

The actually wreath form is the most expensive. You can buy the twig version that's wrapped in plastic, or the foam version (which is a little more expensive). If you opt for the first option, just remember: Do NOT remove the plastic!

How to make a yarn wreath with felt flowers

Just wrap the yarn around the wreath. If you want more detailed instruction see my other tutorial: 4th of July Wreath

Super glue the flowers to the wreath and you're done! Easy, breezy DIY wreath.

Here's a couple more pictures:

Yarn wreath with felt flowers

DIY Yarn Wreath for front door

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