Thursday, July 11, 2013

DIY Star-Burst Laundry Room Clothespin Wreath

Clothespin wreath for laundry roomThis was one of the most simple and cheapest craft projects I've done. It's as simple as clipping clothes pins onto wire and cost less than $8 to make. Win!!

The 12" wire hanger was $2.50 at Joann's Fabric and I spent $4 on clothes pins at the dollar store.

In total (including damaged pins) I used 138 clothes pins. I believe 6 were damaged, but I could be wrong.

The vinyl design I made with my silhouette machine, but honestly you could do anything! There are so many options!

This is so easy that I feel a little silly writing a tutorial on how to make it!

What You Need
Clothes pins
Wire Wreath Form (single or more depending on what you would like it to look like. I have 4 wire forms in this wreath, but I only used two)

Just clip them to the wires. This is what it looks like when you clip them all to one wire

DIY clothespin wreath

I decided to do another layer. Clip clip. Clip some more. 

clothespins crafts

Mine are all on two wires, but I just attached them alternating high and low to give it a star burst look.

This is what using two different wires looks like:

starburst wreath with clothespins

Personally, I think you could hang it up just like this, but you can embellish if you like. Add flowers, a banner, or whatever you like! Let your imagination run wild!!

I used my vinyl cutter and made a laundry room wall art piece to go in the center of the wreath.

So easy and cheap and it could even be functional! I love it!

Laundry room wreath


  1. very cute!! nice job

    1. What did you use to hang this?? I made one and I'm debating hanging methods. Thanks in advance

    2. I actually hung it with a command hook-- a small one with a wire hook instead of the typical plastic hook. It's been holding up well so far! It's lasted over a year! :)


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