Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Find Out How Safe Your Beauty Products Are!

As I have become more interested in leading a more natural and healthy lifestyle I have often wondered  how do these advertised "natural" products actually stack up especially compared to my old products. Is there even a difference?

I have found the tool to help me figure out just that!  It's from the Environmental Working Group and it's called the "Skin Deep Cosmetics Database".

It so easy to use! You simply type in a product name like a shampoo, conditioner or moisturizer and the database gives you whatever information it has about the product with a safety rating with easy to understand information.

For a demonstration I used my old favorite Shampoo-- Aveda Pure Abundance Shampoo. It cost around $40 for a large bottle and it was told it was 94% natural. Safe, right? Look at these screen shots:

It gives the product an average score of 5 (moderate toxicity) in the yellow bubble in the upper corner and then gives you a bar diagram as to how it does in relation to Overall Hazard (med), cancer (low), reproductive health risk (low), allergies (high) and use restrictions (high). They give you a summary in the box directly below as to why they received that score.

 If you scroll down they will be even more specific with their concerns and give each ingredient a score:

We can see that their fragrance is the most concerning as it has allergy properties, it's ecotoxic, can be an irritant, and can have organ system toxicity.

It lists the ingredients from most concerning to least concerning and gives you reasons why they rated it that way.

I also looked up the Kiss My Face Soap Bar that I reviewed last month and it got a green rating of 0. Yay! That makes me a lot more confident in using it as a natural replacement for soap.

You can also find some of my other recipes like my hair rinse (a natural substitute for conditioner), deodorant, facial cleaner and facial moisturizers. I have more recipes under the beauty/cleaning tab as well and some other natural products I've bought that I've reviewed (shampoo bar, toothpaste) under the review tab if you're interested.

I was really excited to find this! I hope you like it!

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