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Primal Cravings: One of The Best Cookbooks for New Paleo Dieters

I literally just ate these pancakes less than five minutes ago and I was so impressed that I wanted to tell you about them immediately!

#GlutenFree Pancakes from Primal Craving #Paleo
I don't normally shamelessly plug cookbooks, but I started my true 100% "I'm gluten free/Paleo" diet a couple of weeks ago and it's been SOOOO HARD! I actually cried (twice… or more) because I was getting so frustrated with cooking food that didn't taste good. But then I picked up a cookbook called "Primal Cravings" by Megan and Brandon Keatley. They have changed my outlook on being gluten free and Paleo!

This is one of my absolute favorite recipes called the Strawberry Shortcake Waffles, but I don't have a waffle maker so I made pancakes. Didn't matter--Amazing! Seriously, the best non-traditional flour based pancakes I've had. It's like Megan and Brandon are Paleo gods that showed me the way to paleo eating. THANK YOU!!! I also highly recommend their muffins--- divine! And their coconut shrimp… and any of their bread products… and.. whatever… I like the WHOLE BOOK!

If you are considering the Paleo diet, then you probably need this book. It will keep you sane. Everything is yummy. Everything is easy. It makes me happy.

I bought mine on with free shipping! Yay! Click here to purchase: Primal Cravings: Your favorite foods made Paleo You even get to peak inside!

Primal Craving

In the cookbook the pictures of the food look amazing and I am very visual so I LOVE how there is a full size image for each recipe. They also have some good information about going paleo, too, if you're interested in the diet. But even if you aren't wanting try the paleo diet, they have some great recipes.

Now, for comparison purposes, I have tried two other recipes for coconut flour pancakes that got good reviews and are supposedly the best of paleo pancakes. They were okay, but you could definitely tell they were not real pancakes-- they felt dense and eggy. These ARE the best of paleo pancakes: they were fluffy, light, and so delicious! The Man said that he wouldn't had known they weren't real pancakes if I hadn't told him. This is coming from the man who takes one bite of dinner and says, "Did you put parsley in this?" I swear that his palate is always dead on and soooo sensitive to everything. That was a huge compliment to this recipe.

Ingredients for coconut flour pancakes #paleo

This recipe was just as easy as making pancakes, but I have learned that there are a few tricks to making coconut flour pancakes that are a little different than making real flour pancakes.

Let the batter sit for 5 minutes before making the pancakes or waffles. For some reason the coconut flour seems to absorb some of the liquid and expand a bit so the batter isn't runny.

They don't bubble up on the edges like regular pancakes so you have to watch them a little closer. When the edges look like they are cooked, you should be able to flip them. If they give you any trouble, just wait 30 more seconds and try again.

Sadly, for copyright reasons, I cannot give you the recipe because it is not mine to give you-- I've emailed the authors to ask for permission, but I haven't received a response yet. So go buy the book. Seriously. Awesome.

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And my friend wrote an e-book all about Paleo Desserts which is kind of amazing and cheap (which is AWESOME): Paleo Vegan Sweets and Treats

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