Thursday, June 20, 2013

BarkBox Review: Monthly "Samples" of Dog Treats/Toys

My dog, Hercules, is such a happy dog and he gets sooooo excited when he gets a treat or new toy. When I heard about BarkBox I thought that this would be perfect for him! When you sign up you will receive a box every month that has treats, toys, or chews that are healthy products and they try to make sure the majority of their products are made in the USA. They even make a point to try to send natural or organic products, although not all of the items will fit into this category.

It's a really good deal when you buy a subscription because the amount of things you get in one box would cost more than the box itself.  They even give 10% of their earnings to charities for help pups in need.

barkbox review

This was our June BarkBox-- the cat was even jealous! We received a full back of Natural "Puptato Chips" ($5), Calm K-9 wafers ($13), Organic WholeLife Trail Mix Treats ($6), Bowser Beer ($3), and a huge meaty bone ($7). Total Value: $34, Total Cost: $19.99 with free shipping.

It's definitely a good value... but does it have good quality items my dog would actually like?

Let's take a look...

What is in a bark box

He was so focused on that bag. He knew that delicious things were inside! He loved it! 

My dog loves his barkbox

He totally hated this bone. Can't you tell?

dog barkbox review

Mmmm... yummy! 

I think this was my favorite: Dog Beer! Haha! Herc opted for the dog bone over the dog beer though. 

What is in a barkbox

The Puptato Chips were also a hit!

I have one happy puppy! 

I tried the Calm K9 on my mom's dog for calming an anxious pup. He's a whack job. ;) And guess what?! It worked!!!! Awesome job, Barkbox! 

To get a BarkBox check out this link: BarkBox

Coupon Code: E813948243 for $5 off your first box if you order by Sept 8th! 

Disclaimer: I have not been paid or compensated in any way for this review. This is my opinion of the product. 

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