Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Review: DIY Coconut Oil Deodorant

I live in central Florida and it's the end of June. It's hot. Like 95 degrees hot, but feels like 103 degrees hot. It's I sweat when I go outside to get the mail hot. It's I burn my feet on the pavers and do a crazy jumping dance if I go outside barefoot hot.

I hope I made my point: it's hot.

Since I started using the DIY coconut oil deodorant, I have walked the dog, gone to the gym, did some gardening and yard work, and I even laid out to attempt to get a tan. In all these occasions-- I did have some sweat under my arms, but I NEVER smelled. I consider that a win.

I have been using Tom's and Arm and Hammer Deodorant for about a year and this really blows them out of the water. I am so happy that I made this recipe and I will continue to use it again and again.

It appears clear in the skin and doesn't stain clothing. In the summer it'll be more liquid than solid because the coconut oil has a melting point above 75 degrees. Once it gets below 75 degrees it should become a soft solid that will be more like a lotion.

I use a popsicle stick ($1 for a pack of 100 at the dollar store) to stir the deodorant and then apply it only using a small amount. I was shaking it and using my fingers to apply, but honestly I didn't like doing it because it seemed like the baking soda would be clumpy after shaking and then my fingers felt gritty. Stirring it really helps to mix it evenly and I don't notice the grittiness on my arm pits at all.

Just a thought: I am changing the popsicle stick often and when you need to make a new batch I would switch out the jar for a new one or run it through the dishwasher first to kill any bacteria.

I'd definitely recommend this recipe to anyone who is looking for a natural deodorant.

Click HERE for the recipe OR you can click HERE for the updated recipe where I added clay.

Crunchy Betty wrote a great article on trouble shooting problems with natural deodorants so check it: The CrunchyBetty way to Trouble Shoot Natural Deodorant Issues. Thankfully, I haven't had any issues, but I will probably implement her tip on doing a apple cider vinegar and water application to restore the pH in the pits.
Sherri Griffin
Sherri Griffin

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  1. I started using my deodorant of coconut oil, mixed with baking soda and I find it very gritty and burning my armpits..not sure what I am doing wrong...how can I get rid of the grittiness? Thanks a mill. Liza

    1. Hi Liza, are you putting it on right after shaving? Sometimes that can cause burning if it's applied within a couple minutes of shaving. If it's been more than 10 minutes then that shouldn't be the cause of burning. If it's not after shaving-- is there any redness or bumps associated with it? If so, you might be sensitive to the baking soda. If you think it's more due to the texture, then you can increase the amount of coconut oil in the recipe by a 1-2 TBSP and see if that helps with the grittiness. You can also add 1 TBSP more of the arrowroot flour if the additional coconut oil makes it a bit too runny for your liking.

      I am actually starting to experiment with a clay based deodorant so I'm hoping to have that posted this month if it keeps working as well as it is now. If the baking soda/coconut oil is still bothering you, then you can try the clay based one if you're up for it ;)



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