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Dryer Balls: How They Work and How to Scent Them

I have been really excited to try out the DIY dryer balls (click link for instructions on how to make them) I really wanted to have something natural that would make my clothes smell fresh, reduce static cling, and help with wrinkles. I was hoping this would do the trick!

It took a few tries of playing with the essential oil ratio to really get the scent to work well, but now it's FABULOUS!

This also works great for static cling, wrinkles, and they do help with drying times of smaller and medium sized loads. I didn't really notice a difference with drying times of bigger items like blankets and the scent wasn't as noticeable either. I think I may need more than three balls! {grins}

Adding scent to DIY dryer sheet alternatives is really easy and it smells soooo good! #laundry #DIY

As for the smell- they work but you need essential oil. I ended up making two batches-- one for me and one for the man because he didn't want his clothes smelling like girls. Hmph.

I use about 5-10 drops of essential oil per ball (more with weaker scents and less with strong scents) 

With these amounts, the laundry has a nice mild scent that I can't get enough of! It isn't overpowering at all-- just perfect. The scent is more noticeable with smaller loads and with the more balls that you use, so you can play around with it a little bit to find your preference.

Here are some ideas for scents:
Mint and Orange
Lavender and Rose
Grapefruit and Lemon
Rosemary and Lavender
Cinnamon and Orange
Lemon and Basil
Spearmint and Eucalyptus
Lime and Stress Away

But lately I've been loving the essential oil Joy from Young Living. Soooo good!

This is How You Do It
  • 1 Large Mason Jar or Container with a lid
  • 3-4 Dryer balls
  • Essential oils of your choice
I used 10 drops of essential oil per ball when first scenting the balls-- you can use one essential oil or multiple essential oils-- that's up to you!

Put the drops in a jar and shake it around so they blended together and coated the side of the container. Place the dryer balls into the container and shake it around so the balls could be coated in the oils. Depending on what essential oils you chose, you will have to play around a bit for the desired level of fragrance you want your clothes to have. 

I leave them stored in the container to help keep their scent. When it starts to smell dull, then I add a few more drops of essential oils. If you want to change the scent, then continue to use the balls until the scent wears off and start the process all over again! Easy Peasy, right?

Update: Essential oils that are not 100% Therapeutic Grade should not be ingested and probably should be avoided topically. I have had several complaints of rashes, eczema like symptoms, GI distress and other symptoms from using oils that are not therapeutic grade. I recommend Young Living essential oils.

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Sherri Griffin
Sherri Griffin

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  1. Where can I find the Jasmine essential oil? The store I knew of near be shut down to make way for a pink by Victoria's secret store :(

    1. Ohhh! Thank stinks!!! :( In terms of physical stores you can try Whole Foods if you have one close by. They carry a lot of different scents! I know that health stores also carry a limited variety of essential oils (like GNC), but I would call before you make the trip to see if they have Jasmine. You can also try I'll put a link on this post if you want to see the brand that I usually buy. I hope this helps!

  2. Coconut oil is the bomb! I have been using it as a facial cleanser, exfoliator (mixed with sugar or salt) and moisturizer for a few years now, and my formerly dry, maturing skin LOVES it! I am 41 years old and have yet to see any crows feet or wrinkles on my face, and I rarely see any dry patches either since my skin is always moisturizer (Imalso stay hydrated, which is key to healthy skin as well). I also use coconut oil, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide as a toothpaste and it has made my teeth whiter and does not dmamge or thin the enamel like so many teeth whitening products do! I love the Nutiva organic brand but sometimes I get the big jar of organic coconut oil from Costco and it works just as well for me! Love my CO, will never be without it!

  3. I love your article, but I do have a question: Heat from the dryer and essencial oils (in the wool balls) don't stain the clothes?

    1. I've never had any issues with staining of clothing if used appropriately. If you don't drown the ball in essential oils then you should be fine! :)



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